Background & Skills

Harvard University, Boston University, UNC-Chapel Hill
– Computer Science coursework

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
– Masters of Education
(Technology & Education)

University of N.C., Chapel Hill, NC
– B.A. in Psychology, coursework in Fine Arts


Web-related: HTML, XHTML, CSS, CGI, PHP, XML, Gimp, Photoshop, Fireworks, DreamWeaver, Premiere, RoboDemo, Javascript, audio/video, Saba Centra & Macromedia Breeze web conferencing, mobile development

CMS’s:  WordPress, Textpattern, Expression Engine, Drupal

Relevant Software: Various UNIX-based servers & tools, including Apache web servers, Oracle Calendar server, LDAP directory servers, database servers; Innovative’s Millenium Library Management System

Databases: MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, LDAP, IDMS, Model/204

Hardware: RS/6000, PC, IBM mainframe

OS’s: UNIX (Linux, AIX), Windows, MVS, TSO


  • Website graphics, design, layout and organization
  • Developing online instruction and other materials, online user guides and help systems