Recent Experience

Digital Enterprize
Chapel Hill, NC … 2002 – present

University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC … 2003 – 2005
Instructional Technology Consultant

  • At the UNC School of Nursing, assisted faculty in developing and delivering online instruction.
  • Web design & programming.
  • Multimedia technology in Unix & Windows. Video editing, streaming.

University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC … 1993 – 2002
Systems Programmer

  • Worked at UNC for Information Technology Services in Unix Systems group, providing centralized computing services. Installed, maintained hardware and software on large group of UNIX machines.
  • Installed, maintained and supported UNC apache web servers for AIS. Was departmental Webmaster. Responsible for development and modification of web applications, online user guides, user training.
  • Responsible for the UNC Online Campus Directory system including the underlying Sybase and LDAP databases, also used to authenticate users for access to campus services. Web application programming in SQL, HTML, Perl, shell, CGI, Java & C; created online user guides.
  • Sole responsibility for concept, design, installation, programming and conversion (SQL, LDAP, perl), management & support for Campus LDAP directory services. Responsible for 4 LDAP servers (test & prod) servicing the UNC campus and medical areas. Created online user guides & provided training.
  • Sole responsibility for the UNC Campus Oracle Calendar server (recently retired), personal group calendaring to ~5000 faculty & staff. Initial market research & evaluation, all installations & configuration, extensive online user guide, LDAP user database, vendor contract negotiations, support & management of departmental calendar administrators, user training, online user Help, overall support.
  • Primary person providing Sybase support & maintenance.

Applications Analyst Programmer / Database Analyst

  • Worked for UNC’s Information Technology Services in the Data Management group.
    Sybase database administration on AIX platform. Web application development (SQL, CGI, Perl), wrote online user Help. Assisted Webmaster.
  • IDMS database administration on IBM mainframe; design & development of new databases; programmed in COBOL and SAS.